TFSA vs. RRSP: Which account is right for you?

Congrats! As a Mylo Advantage subscriber, you have access to TFSA and RRSP accounts so that you can save and invest with valuable tax benefits!

Not sure which type of account you should be investing in?

No problem! 

We built a friendly chatbot to help with that ­čĄľ

Look at the bottom of this screen.  The bot will launch automatically and take you through a series of questions to determine the best way for you to save and invest according to your financial goals and specific financial situation.

We created the bot to respond to the needs of the large majority of Canadians, but everyone’s financial situation is unique. If you have questions or would rather chat with a human about your decision, simply email one of our dedicated portfolio managers:┬á


Dave Fortin is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a portfolio manager for Mylo users with Tactex Asset Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mylo Financial Technologies.